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Is the Anti-kickback Exemption for Nephrologist going away?

Thursday, February 13, 2014 | By arlene | No Comments

The Anti-kickback Law was put in place to prevent Doctors profiting from referral or care of patients to any medical business they have any interest or relationship whereby they profit from that referral in any way. This covers all doctors, with the exception of Nephrologists, who are exempt; this has allowed them to profit from referrals to Dialysis clinics they are in partnership with. Where else can a Doctor refer his own patient to a clinic he is affiliated with and receive a very large sum right up front.

It’s possible that change may be in the works; once this exemption is no longer in place patients will have more freedom to change doctors and clinics as needed by their personal situation. At present Nephrologists are loath to trade or take another’s patient due to the present exemption and loss of the income from these allowed kickbacks.