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250 Million Settlement In Class Action Against Dialysis Clinic Giant

Friday, February 19, 2016 | By William Tinker | No Comments

Fresenius Medical Care has settled a class action suit for Dialysis Patients deaths from use of Granuflo, NaturalLyte a dialysate during dialysis; large numbers of Dialysis Patient were having cardiac arrest or death after receiving these.

The Law Offices of Joseph R. Santoli, Esq. (1-800-279-6996, is reviewing claims nationally for those who’s loved ones died suddenly from cardiac arrest within days or less of receiving either Granuflo or NaturaLyte dialysate additive as part of their dialysis treatment prior to June 27, 2012

Joseph Santoli has worked tirelessly with Dialysis Advocates for the rights of Dialysis Patients

Nephrology needs more compassion—and less compliance

Wednesday, February 10, 2016 | By William Tinker | No Comments

This blog post was made by Dori Schatell, MS, Executive Director, Medical Education Institute on May 29th, 2015. It was originally posted on Home Dialysis Central  

Instead of insisting that people must “comply,” offering understanding and compassion may go further toward helping people take on the self-management role that is so vital to long-term success with chronic disease.

At the NKF Spring Clinicals meeting in March, a comment I was told that someone made at the microphone during a session still bothers me months later. The gist of it was: “Why does all of the responsibility for improving outcomes fall on clinicians—where is the patient in all of this?” [Good point, but it goes on…] “I lose money if my patients don’t reach the quality targets. Why can’t we fine the patients if they don’t do their part?—and audience members applauded!

Really?! We really have nephrologists who believe that punishing patients for not “complying” with their orders is going to improve outcomes? It seems that our community may need a refresher course in compassion. Continue reading “Nephrology needs more compassion—and less compliance” »