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Marie A. DeFrancesco-Loukas Appointed Director of Public Relations and Patient Education

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Marie A. DeFrancesco-Loukas, is a RN, MSN, CRNP, CRNA Marie joins our Board with over 22 years of experience as a healthcare professional.  marie-picShe began her career in Pediatrics and took care of children with renal disease at Mt. Sinai in New York. Her duties included caring for inpatient dialysis patients.  At Columbia-Presbyterian Marie worked in the Pediatric ICU and cared for critically-ill children in acute and chronic Renal Failure and was a Prisma (CVVHD) instructor; which is a continuous form of dialysis.  She holds a Bachelor of Science from Wagner College, Master of Science from Wagner College as a Family NP, Post-Master’s from Stonybook as a Pediatric NP, Post-Master’s Continue reading “Marie A. DeFrancesco-Loukas Appointed Director of Public Relations and Patient Education” »

Internationally Known Doctor and Author Robert Bear joins Board of Directors at Dialysis Advocates

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Dr. Robert Bear has a long history in Health Care Management in Canada and the U.S.


Practiced Medicine (Nephrology) and was a Professor of Medicine at two Canadian Academic Health Science Centers, University of Toronto & University of Alberta (Edmonton). Held a number of senior positions in both academic and health care administration in each Centre. Established successful health care consulting company (Fresnel Management Ltd), that for over 14 years has engaged in health care management consulting projects independently or with other companies in most Canadian provinces.

Author of “Sorrows Reward”. a medical novel. Invited speaker on health care in Canada and the U.S. Guest blogger on multiple sites. Currently working on a second novel. Dr. Bear’s novel shows his great concern and care for the present state of care for patients, families and the many care givers who are coping with the present RENAL system.

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CMS examines inappropriate steering of people eligible for Medicare or Medicaid into Marketplace plans

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The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) today issued a request for information seeking public comment on concerns that some health care providers and provider-affiliated organizations may be steering people eligible for, or receiving, Medicare and/or Medicaid benefits into Affordable Care Act-compliant individual market plans, including Health Insurance Marketplace plans, for the purpose of obtaining higher reimbursement rates. Go here for the whole story.

Dialysis Providers Pay Out Over $2 Billion in Settlements

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It will probably come as no surprise that most of the major renal care facilities in the US have come under investigation for fraud in recent years, including Fresenius Medical Care America, DaVita Inc. Renal Care Group, Quest Diagnostics, and Bone Care International.

A partial list of settlements paid since 2000


Fresenius $250 million Granuflo heart problems and deaths 2016
$82 million Unauthorized claims for Renal care 2011
$19 million Billing for unqualified home dialysis 2010
$486 million Billing fraud, unnecessary labs, kickbacks 2000
DaVita $450 million Wasting medicine to collect the markup/profit 2015
$400 million Kickbacks in exchange for patient referrals 2014
DaVita/Gambro $37 million Kickbacks, unnecessary tests, overbilling 2005
DaVita/Gambro $325 million Kickbacks, overbilling 2004
DaVita/Gambro $53 million Medically unnecessary lab test 2000