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Involuntary discharge from dialysis: A health care practice like no other

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Involuntary discharge from dialysis — a life-sustaining treatment — is a uniquely American phenomenon.

Source: Involuntary discharge from dialysis: A health care practice like no other


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With the end of the year fast approaching there has been an alarming increase in the number of patients terminated from dialysis care. One has to wonder if these terminations are tied to the implementation of the Star Program by CMS as a way to grade care centers on results of patient care along with clinic reviews. Payments to the Dialysis providers for patient care are tied to this star program….more stars…..more money. Continue reading “IS THE CMS STAR PROGRAM RESPONSIBLE FOR RECORD NUMBER YEAR-END DIALYSIS PATIENTS TERMINATED FROM CARE” »

Internationally Known Doctor and Author Robert Bear joins Board of Directors at Dialysis Advocates

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Dr. Robert Bear has a long history in Health Care Management in Canada and the U.S.


Practiced Medicine (Nephrology) and was a Professor of Medicine at two Canadian Academic Health Science Centers, University of Toronto & University of Alberta (Edmonton). Held a number of senior positions in both academic and health care administration in each Centre. Established successful health care consulting company (Fresnel Management Ltd), that for over 14 years has engaged in health care management consulting projects independently or with other companies in most Canadian provinces.

Author of “Sorrows Reward”. a medical novel. Invited speaker on health care in Canada and the U.S. Guest blogger on multiple sites. Currently working on a second novel. Dr. Bear’s novel shows his great concern and care for the present state of care for patients, families and the many care givers who are coping with the present RENAL system.

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Dialysis Providers Pay Out Over $2 Billion in Settlements

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It will probably come as no surprise that most of the major renal care facilities in the US have come under investigation for fraud in recent years, including Fresenius Medical Care America, DaVita Inc. Renal Care Group, Quest Diagnostics, and Bone Care International.

A partial list of settlements paid since 2000


Fresenius $250 million Granuflo heart problems and deaths 2016
$82 million Unauthorized claims for Renal care 2011
$19 million Billing for unqualified home dialysis 2010
$486 million Billing fraud, unnecessary labs, kickbacks 2000
DaVita $450 million Wasting medicine to collect the markup/profit 2015
$400 million Kickbacks in exchange for patient referrals 2014
DaVita/Gambro $37 million Kickbacks, unnecessary tests, overbilling 2005
DaVita/Gambro $325 million Kickbacks, overbilling 2004
DaVita/Gambro $53 million Medically unnecessary lab test 2000



Dialysis Advocates Speaks at 2016 Judicial Violence Symposium in New York

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Dialysis Advocates was an invited speaker at the Judicial Violence, Race, and Moral Imperative Symposium held July 31 thru August 2nd in Harlem. The Symposium was a gathering of Pastors and Civil Rights Leaders concerned with the current state of Civil Rights in America. Keynote speaker was Danny Glover actor and activist.

Arlene Mullin’s of Dialysis Advocates, powerful presentation on the plight of minorities and the disadvantaged in Dialysis care centers along with the unjust termination dialysis care of these patients was greeted with outrage and shock by those in attendance. Prior to Ms. Mullins presentation a short draft of a future documentary by documentarian Gordon Skinner who has filmed patients’ personal stories of fear and retaliation was very moving. With disbelief of what they were seeing, asking questions and realized that this is real. We now have a National Shout Out to alert Civil Rights Leaders and Activist in their communities Nationwide of the Dialysis


March of over a Thousand for Civil Rights July 30th held in Harlem.


We were invited to attend the March in Harlem. The photo is of those that are recognized as leaders.


Dialysis patients aren’t the only victims of Blacklisting….Nurses Black Listed Too

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Source: Blacklisting: The dirty side of travel nursing – Nephrology News & Issues

The above source spells out the problem in nursing.

Dialysis patients aren’t the only victims of Blacklisting; a practice where false accusations are used  as retaliation for questioning care or clinics conditions or abuse. These are used against patients to terminate their care; they are then Blacklisted from all of the clinics in their area. Now comes evidence that these same tactics of false information  is used to terminate nurse early from a contract to save money or retaliation or plain vindictiveness.

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Nephrology needs more compassion—and less compliance

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This blog post was made by Dori Schatell, MS, Executive Director, Medical Education Institute on May 29th, 2015. It was originally posted on Home Dialysis Central  

Instead of insisting that people must “comply,” offering understanding and compassion may go further toward helping people take on the self-management role that is so vital to long-term success with chronic disease.

At the NKF Spring Clinicals meeting in March, a comment I was told that someone made at the microphone during a session still bothers me months later. The gist of it was: “Why does all of the responsibility for improving outcomes fall on clinicians—where is the patient in all of this?” [Good point, but it goes on…] “I lose money if my patients don’t reach the quality targets. Why can’t we fine the patients if they don’t do their part?—and audience members applauded!

Really?! We really have nephrologists who believe that punishing patients for not “complying” with their orders is going to improve outcomes? It seems that our community may need a refresher course in compassion. Continue reading “Nephrology needs more compassion—and less compliance” »

Radio Show with Dr. Mark Davis on how to protect yourself and family from infection during medical procedures.

Sunday, September 13, 2015 | By William Tinker | 2 Comments

Dr. Mark Davis is the author of “Irresponsible; What Surgeons Won’t Tell You and how to Protect Yourself” (2015, a must read for a member of every family. Sooner or later, everyone, or a family member, will face surgery or an invasive medical procedure, such as dialysis or colonoscopy. DrMarkDavisAuthor of over 40 medical articles and several books, he will discuss how patients can empower themselves and take charge of their own treatment, by learning how best to identify a safe surgeon and a safe facility.

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Rebroadcast of “How To Ask For What You Want” with John Rider….. A Patient Guide

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John Rider will discuss how patients can empower themselves and take charge of their own treatment. His insight will help listeners and callers process the difficulties faced by Dialysis Patients and their family. He presently works with Out Patients at High Point Treatment Center in Brockton, Boston.

John is a past National Advocate for the Committee of Ten Thousand which deals with the hemophilia community, living with HIV/AIDS and HCV. He helped get national legislation passed and supported litigants in a national class lawsuit.

Show will be on Thursday March 26 at 9:00 PM Eastern, 8:00 Central and 6:00 PM Pacific

You can listen on line at: or call into the show no earlier than 10 minutes before airtime at: 347-857-3961

Dialysis Talk is supported by Dialysis Advocates

Radio show with Dr. Robert Bear-Author of “Sorrow’s Reward”

Sunday, March 15, 2015 | By William Tinker | No Comments

Portrait (1 of 1)Dr. Robert A. Bear, is the author of “Sorrow’s Reward” -interrelated tales from a fictional dialysis unit. While fictional, the stories are too close to the real day to day, lives of patients, Doctors and families. Dr. Bear, author of over 150 medical articles will discuss his reasons for these compelling stories told through the eyes and thoughts of his fictional characters.


After many years in Nephrology as a Physician, Educator and Administrator he began to have questions about how Dialysis Care has evolved. Now that many clinics are run by large “For Profit” companies; are the patients, nursing staff and Doctors better off? What can and should be done to improve dialysis care. What are the responsibilities of patients in their care?

This book is a must read for anyone involved with Dialysis from Doctors, Technicians, Counselors, Patient and their families.

Show is on live Thursday March 19, at 9:00 Eastern, 8:00 Central and 6:00 Pacific.

Listen live on line at:

Call in at:  (347) 857-3961  Thursday March 19,2015.