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This is report 2 of 3 sent to CMS/MEDICARE detailing the problems patients are having with harassment, retaliation and termination of care after questioning their level of care or reporting staff abuse at clinics. Termination of Dialysis care is undertaken with no hearing, or appeal. These reports are also sent to the Corporate office of the clinics involved.

Case # Date Clinic/Doctor Reported Problem Present Status
Case#118 B Nov/14 DAVITAPhoenix, AZ DaVita staff rarely communicate, and are inconsistent with what they tell this patient. Written up for ripping up a paper, his days for dialysis that he was promised were never honored. His wife needs to be his transportation, he never has gotten a dialysis starting time. They call him in early and the days they don’t call him and he goes in early, they get angry. No one has addressed this. He would like to have a starting time that is consistent. DAVITAHarassed intimidated for complaining.
Case#119 Nov/14 DaVita-CA Patient had contacted DaVita Corporation and CMS. Complained about a nurse, the nurse retaliated by getting the son banned from floor. Tech calls her Ghetto Nurse and not a real nurse. Son wanted to have us advocate since it was a forced meeting, Manager gave son letter that he was banned from the floor. Mother is constantly harassed and they hurt her, she fell due to taking off to much fluid and broke her tooth. Nurse threatened son and mother that she would have him off the floor. Mother is left alone and continues to have no say. Even though the Nurse is not to go near her, she continues and is allowed to do as she pleases. DavitaCase closed.
Case#120 Nov/14 DAVITAAR Family states clinic is unsanitary and neglected. Having trouble with staff harassing. Has complained and they will not help her out when needed, do not chart complaints. She is about to give up. She was vomiting and nurse sat at desk and would not help. It is getting worse and needs to be addressed. DAVITA/Retaliation,Harassment and care is ignored.
Case#121 Nov/14 Sentara Norfolk General Hospital VA Terminated had to sign a contract with North General Hospital/Receiving care at Hospital, but cannot have a transplant as he has no clinic. Had to sign a contract to find him a place. Did not happen TERMINATEDBlackballed not allowed on transplant list.
Case#122 Nov/14 FRESENIUS /Hampton, VA Physically assaulted by LPN. LPN was written up for the assault by another RN. Fresenius was aware of this and the worker still is on floor harassing. She has been tormenting him and others in the clinic it appears. Have heard from many patients, as they witnessed the assault. Patient is once again in the hospital by ambulance. The day he was assaulted, had to have surgery that is unrelated. Day of incident he had to go to Urgent care,Another patient had missed two treatments in center for her antibiotics. Nurse never ordered them.Other patient that was going to give us a formal complaint died. FRESENIUS/Patient assaulted by LPN. LPN has since been fired, she is taking the patient to court for him assaulting her. Which will allow this patient to file suit as she this is well documented.
Case#123 Nov/14 FRESENIUSSalem, OR Patient concerned about care and fistula. Lots of laughing, chatting, staff standing around and joking. Not taking care of patients. Questions by MD not answered. Just a few of the complaints FRESENIUS/ Poor care and needs not met.
Case#124 Nov/14 DAVITASan Jose, CA Patient has put in complaint about care and is ignored. Patient had new tech work on her and her proctor allowed her to change settings on her machine, patient started cramping and new tech went to raise her legs and needles came out; she was bleeding out and BP went to 50. Tech and proctor clueless on what to do. DAVITA/ Training issues and leaving untrained staff unattended.
Case#125 Nov/14 DCI/ Albany, NY Patient felt he is receiving poor care; applied to go to another clinic. Example: No catheter caps put on. Nurse that he complained about told the other clinic something bad about him, and even though Fresenius had already accepted him, they were then told that he had threatened the same nurse he complained about. No police report. Fresenius declined to take him on hearsay and from the nurse that this patient complained about. TERMINATED and rejected by Fresenius. Patient not allowed to see the evidence.No Police report again/ hearsay.
Case#126 Nov/14 FRESENIUSJACKSONVILLE TX Patient legally blind. Patient and wife have been played with. They have not addressed the ADA Title ll.Wife has seen too many bleed outs and unsanitary conditions in clinic. The staff do as they please, and due to complaining, the staff banned her from the treatment floor. She is his eyes. Constant violation of their HIPPA Rights. FRESENIUS/ ADA AND HIPPA VIOLATIONS.
Case#127 Nov/14 DAVITAColumbia, TN Patient had failed in this clinic. He wanted to go back to the clinic he was at before and they said yes. Then out of the blue they claimed he was disruptive. Blackballed and Fresenius had said yes, then after talking with Davita they said no. Not able to see what was written about him. Denied the information. Patients not allowed to see records or complaints DAVITA/Blackballed from other clinics after already being accepted by Fresenius, then denied by them after talking to Davita.


Dialysis Advocates in Los Angeles for 2014 BAYPAC Convention

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Dialysis Advocates Founders Bill and Arlene Tinker attended the BAYPAC convention where they had the opportunity to meet and discuss the current status of Dialysis Patient care with those in attendance. Those in attendance included many of California’s top political representatives from the Southern California area.

Musician Chili Most, Bill and Arlene Tinker, Reverend Robert Holt, Congresswoman Janice Hahn and Sweet Alice a.k.a. Queen of Watts

Musician Chili Most, Bill and Arlene Tinker, Reverend Robert Holt, Congresswoman Janice Hahn and Sweet Alice a.k.a. Queen of Watts

The evening speakers included California Governor, Jerry Brown; Congresswoman, Diane Feinstein along with many other political representatives.

Dialysis Senate Subcommittee – 2000 hearing. Arlene Mullen Testimony

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Thank you for this opportunity to be heard. The foregoing testimony represents how End Stage Renal Disease and Kidney Dialysis has evolved into a National Use and Abuse of Medicare Dollars and Dialysis Patients. This National Abuse frequently includes unreported patient deaths that are not related to their chronic disease, but to unethical and immoral practices of facilities.

Like so many others in the dialysis field, I was just a healthcare worker who received “on the job” training. I am not licensed or registered with any state or healthcare organization. I had direct and complete hands on care responsibilities for patients including inserting needles into their veins or graft in order to connect them to their dialysis machine to initiate their lengthy treatment. I, like many others at this level, did not have a comprehensive understanding of the renal diseases and process, the psychosocial problems, and most of all, the dangers of the equipment used and problems associated with the chemicals used in the reprocessing of dialyzers.

After months and months of witnessing the improper use of equipment, supplies, drugs and above all watching licensed professionals to permit these acts to proceed at the cost of the patients health and welfare brought numerous concerns. I followed the chain of command with no results. My conscience would not let me be silent and I filed my complaints with the Region 10 HCFA Office, which violated my confidentiality, and advised the Renal Network to handle my complaint that ironically was about them. I did file a formal complaint with the State Department of Health in which the investigation discovered that the State does not regulate End Stage Renal Disease Facilities and, therefore, could not impose sanctions. Continue reading “Dialysis Senate Subcommittee – 2000 hearing. Arlene Mullen Testimony” »