Is DaVita Serious? Scare Tactics and Outrageous Bonuses!

Monday, August 12, 2013 | By Scott | No Comments

Have you seen this?  Does DaVita think we are all idiots?  They’re threatening decreasing availability of services because of Medicare Cuts.  They’ve made it really simple for you to register your outrage and give you a checklist to contact Medicare.

Medicare_CutsWe’re glad to see that DaVita is so concerned about your dialysis care, but it seems interesting that they’re thinking of reducing operational expenses.  Why not start by reducing executive bonuses?

According to

Kent Thiry, the chairman and CEO for dialysis provider DaVita HealthCare Partners, took home $26.8 million last year even as Medicare moved to a bundled-payment system designed to cut costs. Thiry saw a roughly 50% increase in compensation, largely driven by about $8 million in restricted stock awards and another $1.25 million incentive payout. DaVita, which operates the nation’s largest chain of dialysis clinics, last November acquired HealthCare Partners, a medical group and physician network company. Skip Thurman, a spokesman for DaVita, said in an e-mail that patient outcomes factor into compensation for the company’s chief executive.

There are many highly paid execs in the medical industry, but do any of the others in the ModernHealthcare report use threatening scare tactics so they can continue doling out this kind of cash?

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