New Dialysis Infection Prevention pamphlets going out to all dialysis clinics from CDC.

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Sept. 20, 2013 – We have some new dialysis infection prevention resources going out the door today to providers and patients.  These are being sent in packets to the ~6,000 dialysis facilities in the country.

 Please feel free to share with other patient advocates who may be interested in these materials.


We are very excited to announce three new resources for preventing infections in dialysis patients: a Provider Training Video and accompanying Provider Poster and Patient Pocket Guide.  Please visit our Dialysis Safety website to see these new materials.

Provider Training Video: Preventing Bloodstream Infections in Outpatient Hemodialysis Patients: Best Practices for Dialysis Staff. 

The video is intended to be used by outpatient hemodialysis facilities as an educational tool to help remind their frontline staff, including technicians and nurses, about infection prevention measures. It can be used as an orientation video for new staff and as an annual in-service training tool to remind staff of proper protocols.

Provider Poster: Put Together the Pieces to Prevent Infections in Dialysis Patients

The poster can be posted in staff lounges or on the treatment floor to serve as a reminder of the messages in the video and other important ways to prevent infections.

Patient Pocket Guide: 6 Tips to PreventDialysisInfections

The patient pocket guide is intended to educate patients on ways they can help prevent infections and can be shared as part of an information packet or reviewed with them by clinical staff.

The poster and pocket guide are available for order through our warehouse. The DVD will be available for order starting next week.

Today, we are conducting a mailing to provide one copy of each of these materials to each outpatient hemodialysis facility in the U.S.  We hope you will help promote these materials and encourage facilities in your area to use them.

Please visit our Dialysis Safety website for additional infection prevention resources, including a free continuing education (CE) activity and several observation tools, checklist tools, and protocols.

Thank you for your continued commitment to preventing infections in hemodialysis patients.



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