Dialysis Patient and Author Fayton Hollington Discusses His Book and Experiences

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Fayton Hollington is an award winning Published Poet with three completed novels, a number of screenplays, and two sitcom pilots. His book Conception of a Dialysis Patient (the untold truths) covers his ordeals starting with Lupus at the age of 12 on through kidney failure and dialysis.

FaytonFayton on his book: “This opus, a potent expedition of my daunting trials with a disease called lupus, an autoimmune malfunction where the body attacks its own tissue. It reveals itself rather uniquely at the age of twelve, long before this disease had any sort of history. At the time, this was primarily found in Caucasian women in their early twenties. My being an African American boy, presents quite a groundbreaking analysis with the medical profession. The scarring and jarring aspects of my flesh, organs, and psyche, go beyond worries. The manner, in which it has manifest within me, has the medical professionals at a loss. While in a fight for my life, chronic kidney failure, with a grave dermatological issue that has me resembling a critical burn victim, is what the near future holds. The question for them becomes, will I make it. Thrust into the world of dialysis as an adult, it is from my chair, the unspoken truths are bared. The raw emotion of bewilderment generated by this necessity, between loved ones and friends is unnerving. The plights we as patients endure, while fettered to this reality, becomes poignantly thought provoking. It is tantamount to the ambush of a tsunami, with regard to our daily uncertainties. The untold truths surfacing, during this vital and daunting treatment is up-close. Conception of a Dialysis Patient (the untold truths), is beyond compare, certain to strike a chord in anyone who draws breath.”

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