Dialysis Talk with Dialysis Technician and Author Cassia Hill on Better Care for Patients

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HillCassia Hill is Dialysis Technician and Author of “Expert Tip’s on Becoming a Dialysis Technician“.

Cassia is originally from Atlanta, GA but her love for the big city drew
her to New York. She started as a dialysis assistant in 2007 and in 2008
was promoted to a dialysis technician. Cassia’s number one priority is
making sure that each patient that she has in her care is really handled
professionally in every way and the result is her patients appreciate her
so much. She has created a book “Expert Tips On Becoming A Dialysis
Technician”. It is designed to give all those interested in becoming a
dialysis technician tips on how to be a real professional in a dialysis
environment, this book is also good for technicians that desire to brush up
on their skills. Her book explores ways to handle a patient in the best way
possible, do’s and don’ts, how to listen to the patient and so much more.
Cassia knows this book will give great insight to dialysis patients and
will inspire new or experienced dialysis technicians to be the best
professional ever.

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