This man is blind and poses no threat

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This is from an e-mail sent on May 07, 2013 – we feel it needs to be reposted on the News page.

It appears that one of our Texas patients is being denied care. His Creatinine is out of limits and are refusing once again to give him dialysis

This is the 3rd blind patient that has been discharged as threats. We have tapes of conversations with the ESRD Networks helping to support a dismissal…..our tax dollars at work.

I am pasting an email to Kent Thiry and CMS…..this Physician I will post his name and see if we can get the recordings of conversations. Hannibal Lector has a better reference. 

This man is blind and poses no threat

Subject: Huge amounts of dismissed patients blackballed in Texas
From:  <>
Date: Thu, Mar 07, 2013 11:42 am
To: 7 recipients 

It appears that a patient in Lewisville Tx has been discharged for going to his doctors office to complain about his personal protected information being told were all patients can hear. The Secretary had started yelling at him and told him to go and wait in the waiting room. She called the police and he was discharged immediately, as she was afraid of a blind man that is 6’1 and weighs 120 lbs. He has cancer. 

Davita had discharged him immediately, as the Medical Director had. It appears that one Physician was going to take him, until he talked to Dr. Baker….Hannibal Lector has a better reference. Many rejections and this is so unfair. Were is due justice? Several Rn’s and Social workers have told him to record conversations. They are very interesting, even from the ESRD Networks.

It appears that I have shown you many cases of Davita’s discharges. This is one of the unfairest that I have seen. He has been refused by hospitals in the area. They use the K as the qualifier and his Creatinine is extremely high. It appears that no Nephrologist is seeing him. 

The other blind impared patient has been discharged in New York with no where to dialize…His crime also was manufactured. 

I have several Texas patients and one is being harassed. He also is blind.

I dont expect anything out of you, as all other emails have been avoided. Out of sight out of mind. I do expect the one patient in Texas to die, as he is being denied care.

If you want the HIPPA form, I will release the information. Shame on you Kent! Shame on you CMMS

Arlene Mullin-Tinker

As of yet Davita and this Physician continues to scare other Doctors off.

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