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He is in the ICU at Vanderbilt. It does not look good.

I don’t know how Dr. Schulman, Vanderbilt, CMS and Davita can sleep at night. Including the ESRD Network which is your oversight for Quality of care, signs off on dismissals. Our tax dollars working against you.

To release Thomas was a death sentence and all the clinics nearby that denied him care also need to be ashamed…if they are even capable of any empathy.

CMS has been aware and has once again, will allow this patient to die.

It will not be hidden any longer. We are mobilizing this demonstration and patients, this could’ve been you. If not you, who will fight for you if you won’t even fight for yourselves. You have an opportunity now with the marches. Dont expect someone else to do it. Be supportive of the marches and those who care that you have rights.

What do I tell discharge patients, do a crime and you will get dialyze as a prisoner. But, if you’re discharged in this country the industry puts up every road block to ensure you die. With CMS allowing it.

Being poor is his crime and with no right of appeal, you die..

Shame on us as a Nation…patients you need to step up to the plate. I have handled many, many discharges and all you have to do in some cases is complain about care.

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