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Nephrology needs more compassion—and less compliance

Wednesday, February 10, 2016 | By William Tinker | No Comments

This blog post was made by Dori Schatell, MS, Executive Director, Medical Education Institute on May 29th, 2015. It was originally posted on Home Dialysis Central  

Instead of insisting that people must “comply,” offering understanding and compassion may go further toward helping people take on the self-management role that is so vital to long-term success with chronic disease.

At the NKF Spring Clinicals meeting in March, a comment I was told that someone made at the microphone during a session still bothers me months later. The gist of it was: “Why does all of the responsibility for improving outcomes fall on clinicians—where is the patient in all of this?” [Good point, but it goes on…] “I lose money if my patients don’t reach the quality targets. Why can’t we fine the patients if they don’t do their part?—and audience members applauded!

Really?! We really have nephrologists who believe that punishing patients for not “complying” with their orders is going to improve outcomes? It seems that our community may need a refresher course in compassion. Continue reading “Nephrology needs more compassion—and less compliance” »

Listen to our radio show with Dearly Departed Dialysis Patients Families on the problems of care of their loved ones.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014 | By arlene | No Comments

A frank discussion with family members of departed Dialysis Patients about the level of care provided to their loved one. Additionally the feeling of a lack of basic information on the care of the family member and how they felt out of the loop during the Dialysis process and care for their loved one will be covered.

The current problem with overworked and under trained technician’s which has led to patient injury and in some cases patient deaths needs to be addressed and changes legislated.

There are too many cases of patients being terminated from care for unjust causes; then blackballed from care by other clinics within the same company.

Listen on line at:

To listen by phone or participate call (347) 857-3961

Thursday evening September 4, 2014

9:00 Eastern, 8:00 Central, 6:00 Pacific

Radio Show with Ruben Treviso about Veteran’s Dialysis issues

Wednesday, August 13, 2014 | By arlene | No Comments

Ruben Treviso has been an energetic fighter for veterans ever since he came back from Vietnam in 1971. He’s been involved in numerous projects in Greater L.A. to honor vets in recent years.

Ruben is a TV host on El Monte TV3 dealing with Veteran’s concerns. He recently interviewed Arlene and Bill Tinker founders of Dialysis Advocates along with Reverend Robert Hoyt one of the many Dialysis Patient’s they have helped.

Reverend Hoyt, a Veteran, had been wrongly terminated from Dialysis care after questioning his level of care. He along with Arlene and Bill told viewers of the many abuses taking place in some clinics.

Treviso has become involved with the problems in Dialysis Care and is bringing this to the attention of the many contacts he has in Washington.

Show Thursday August 14

Listen on the internnet at.

To listen call call 347-857-3961

9;00 Eastern, 8:00 Central and 6:00 Pacific


A GREAT BUSINESS MODEL – Profit From The Suffering of Others!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014 | By Scott | No Comments


“There’s an underlying growth in the population of patients that need dialysis. That population growth is roughly four percent,” said Jim Hilger, DaVita’s chief accounting officer.

DaVita operates in 44 states, has 53,000 employees and pulled in more than $12 billion in revenue last year. This is up from operating in 42 states with 32,500 employees and $5.7 billion in revenue in 2008. DaVita has been opening about 75 new clinics each year across the country.

“For our dialysis business, we weren’t really affected by the downturn of the economy and that’s because of our patients. The healthcare service we provide these patients is life sustaining,” Hilger said. “It’s a very stable business.”

Long story short: patients will show up for treatment regardless of the state of the economy — good or bad.

Recession, recovery haven’t dampened DaVita’s growth
Company officials excited about future of employer-focused Paladina system

Looking Back on DaVita, Fresenius and GranuFlo Side Effects in 2013.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014 | By Scott | No Comments

. By Gordon Gibb


DaVita Healthcare Clinics (DaVita) is one of two players in the GranuFlo and NaturaLyte portfolio. The other is Fresenius Medical Care, the manufacturer of the two dialysis products and a competitor with DaVita in the dialysis market. Both operate scores of dialysis clinics and are competing for market share.

DaVita is also the target of a GranuFlo class-action lawsuit for its role in allegedly putting dialysis patients at risk with regard to alkali dosing errors inherent with GranuFlo and NaturaLyte. DaVita, it should be noted, was also the subject of a federal investigation with regard to an alleged doctor kickback scheme – and the firm has also faced allegations of wage improprieties involving its employees.


Medicare payment cuts is a victory for Dialysis Patients

Wednesday, December 4, 2013 | By Scott | No Comments

This is a victory for dialysis patients. Medicare pays for healthcare and it appears to be squeezing the buffalo off the nickel. If Davita holds true to their statement of pulling away from the inner cities and rural areas. That should be a blessing, the patients will go back to their individual Nephrologist, where big non-profit companies don’t want to buy them, and dialysis patient healthcare can only improve.  Nephrologists will be accountable for the patient care and keep factual statistics, a Nephrologist will remain the doctor, not become a sales agent. Patients will not be without dialysis, Nephrologist cannot dump or blacklist his patients legally. Plus these Nephrologist will be accountable for their units, and not have big non-profits protecting them. 

Arlene Mullin-Tinker
Dialysis Advocates LLC

View letters sent to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services/Department of Health & Human Services, House Ways & Means Committee, and the Senate Finance Committee.  Dialysis Advocates and other patient rights organization were a big part of influencing the ruling.

CMS Letter

House Ways & Means Committee Letter 11-22-13

Senate Finance Committee Letter

As expected, and in response to a congressional directive from the American Taxpayer Relief Act, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Department of Health & Human Services (CMS) made a 3.3% cut in payments for dialysis facilities for 2014 to account for reduced drug utilization.  Rather than implementing the full 12% reduction as proposed by the agency this summer, CMS instead chose to phase in the cuts over time.  The 2014 reduction is 27% of the total amount to be cut over the next 3-4 years.

According to federal law, dialysis facilities are entitled to inflationary updates and other fee increases each year to account for, among other items, the increases in the costs for operating a facility and providing the services.  For 2014, CMS calculated this to be 2.8%  When combined with other existing components of the payment formula, the net result is a slight decrease in payments to facilities.  CMS also noted in the rule that it expected the 2015 cut to the drug component would be largely offset by these adjustments  again, resulting in another flat payment.  CMS intends to complete the full 12% cut by 2016 or 2017.

Therefore, the impact of the CMS rule is that rather than getting payment increases each year, dialysis centers will receive flat funding at least for the next two years; this is a reduction in Medicare spending.  Da Vita has already publicly expressed its concerns with the CMS rule and has pledged to fight these reductions in Congress and with the agency in the weeks and months ahead. Also, by increasing payments for home dialysis training, CMS likely provided longer term incentives to shift care to the home and away from these dialysis centers.

Download the entire Patient Rights Watch Ruling.

CMS ESRD 2014 Payment Final Rule

DaVita sets aside more contingency funds

Monday, November 11, 2013 | By Scott | No Comments

The Denver Post – 11/05/2013

Dialysis giant DaVita HealthCare Partners has set aside an additional $97 million on top of $300 million the company put in a contingency fund this year to settle criminal and civil anti-kickback investigations.

Read more

Who’s watching whom?

Friday, October 18, 2013 | By Scott | No Comments

Listening to CNN this morning with Sean Spicer RNC, it appears that they are petitioning for Kathleen Sibelius to be fired. She has been aware of the termination of services and abuses case by case, and refuses to raise a finger to resolve any terminations, nor making CMS supporting the patients

Nancy Anne DePearle took my complaint in 1998 as a high ranking worker in CMS. After that she went and made millions of stock being a Board Member of Davita. Now she is the Czarina of Obama Care. Dangerous in my opinion.

Thomas Skully was the Chair of Davita, and was given the key position under Tommy Thompson in the Bush Administration. He oversaw dialysis.

In my opinion, she has not done her job. By appointing Nancy Anne DeParle…look at what a mess dialysis and ignoring patients, she is a key player who made millions off of dialysis patients.

I worry about the oversight of Obama Care. I believe that insurance is an necessity, however, I worry that the oversight will be self policing as it is in dialysis…Industry oversight and no appeals.

Research these players yourself.


Letter: Don’t cut Medicare funds for dialysis – Wausau Daily Herald

Wednesday, October 2, 2013 | By Scott | No Comments

This is and excerpt from a letter written by an assistant facility administrator operated by DaVita in Wausau, WI.

…Medicare plays a central role in the kidney care community, and even more cuts could be devastating. Under the newly proposed rule, Medicare reimbursements would decrease from $246.57 per three- to four-hour dialysis session to only $216 for the same treatment.

A $30 reduction may not seem like much, but these proposed cuts would decrease reimbursements well below the cost of care. Considering that those on dialysis require multiple treatments per week, $30 less per session is a substantial cut that could force facilities to consolidate services, reduce staff, trim operating hours, or in some cases close.

…Medicare’s End Stage Renal Disease program has served as a model for excellent care and we hope readers will contact Sens. Tammy Baldwin and Ron Johnson to ask for their support as well.


DaVita profits were $478,000,000 in 2012, up 17.8% over 2011.

Additionally, DaVita HealthCare has had to fork over more than $350 million over the past year to settle various fraud cases. Nevertheless, CEO Kent Thiry made the top 25 highest-paid list in 2012 with more than $26 million in total compensation.

Our government continues to pay a company who is guilty of fraud with our tax dollars.

Is anyone else out there scratching their heads?

St. Louis Post-Dispatch Editorial: Cleansing dialysis center of government waste

Tuesday, September 10, 2013 | By Scott | No Comments

Please read this entire article, you’ll be shocked!

St. Louis Post-Dispatch
September 09, 2013 6:00 am • By the Editorial Board

Within 20 miles of downtown St. Louis, there are 25 centers operated by the two dominant companies in the industry, DaVita Healthcare Partners of Denver and Fresenius, based in Germany.  Those companies are complaining that they are under attack by Congress, which has ordered the Obama administration to eliminate more than $500 million a year in excessive drug payments to clinics across the country.