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Listening to CNN this morning with Sean Spicer RNC, it appears that they are petitioning for Kathleen Sibelius to be fired. She has been aware of the termination of services and abuses case by case, and refuses to raise a finger to resolve any terminations, nor making CMS supporting the patients

Nancy Anne DePearle took my complaint in 1998 as a high ranking worker in CMS. After that she went and made millions of stock being a Board Member of Davita. Now she is the Czarina of Obama Care. Dangerous in my opinion.

Thomas Skully was the Chair of Davita, and was given the key position under Tommy Thompson in the Bush Administration. He oversaw dialysis.

In my opinion, she has not done her job. By appointing Nancy Anne DeParle…look at what a mess dialysis and ignoring patients, she is a key player who made millions off of dialysis patients.

I worry about the oversight of Obama Care. I believe that insurance is an necessity, however, I worry that the oversight will be self policing as it is in dialysis…Industry oversight and no appeals.

Research these players yourself.


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