Widespread Bullying and Terminations of Dialysis Patients

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This is report 1 of 3 sent to CMS/MEDICARE detailing the problems patients are having with harassment, retaliation and termination of care after questioning their level of care or reporting staff abuse at clinics. Termination of Dialysis care is undertaken with no hearing, or appeal. These reports are also sent to the corporate office of the clinics involved.

As reported by patients to Dialysis Advocates

Case # Clinic/Doctor Reported Problem   Present Status
21 FreseniusNorth Carolina Clinic care was questioned by patient. After that bullying was order of the day. Claims they treated her mean. She just got tired of the NP complaining about her husband straying. She told the NP that she should not take it out on the patients. She was terminated for that. Patient has had no help relocating to a new clinic and has been denied by everyone. Terminated and blackballed from other clinicsLetter was given to her by CAN Capital Nephrology and Fresenius. Letter stated that they cannot give her dialysis without a Physician and of course no one will take her as she is written up in her charts that Hannibal Lector is a better risk.
31 DaVitaMaryland Bullied and terminated by worker. All she wanted was to be able to dialyze safely. She was terminated as the worker got into her face. Two witness said she did nothing. Is now in the Emergency room situation, being harassed at the hospital and told to come in and then denied her after waiting for hours. Terminated and blackballed by any clinic in the area.
41 DaVita Patient complained about worker to DaVita Corporate, they did nothing. Worker retaliated had patient terminated for violence against another patient even though she knew it was horse play with a strawberry. ESRD Networks talked to the other patient, who admitted he did it first and they were kidding around. Patient tried to get information on their investigation but was denied a copy. Terminated and blackballed from nearby clinics. Has to travel hour and a half for treatment
61 DaVitaMinnesota Retaliated against for complaining about a worker. Clinic retaliated by changing his dialysis hours so he could not work. After contact by Dialysis Advocates and made aware of rules on dialysis hours patient got original dialysis schedule back. Patient is able to work and has original dialysis hours back.
71 Rubin DialysisNew York Terminated from Home Hemo, Patient is afraid that the doctor will stop a transfer to another clinic and he will be blackballed with nowhere to go.
81 DaVitaDallas, TX Complaining about poor care and the fact that they ignored an infection, almost bled out at home and was hospitalized almost dying needed 4 or 5 units of blood.Infection and poor care/ does not want to lodge a complaint now. Hoping they will listen to her when she has a need or infection No action needs to be taken at this time. She will call back if things get worse.
91 DaVitaIllinois  Patient and family complain of verbal abuse. Staff calls him names. Taking off too much fluid causing dehydration and cramps. Has begged to have settings lowered on machine, after they do, this nurse walks behind him and changes it back.Dr. has called them several times and staff told my dad he was a liar. Doctor never called? The main RN who is spiteful and verbally abusive, as are other staff. During several treatments the nurses have been talking about male private parts and who they have been sleeping with.Clinic out of control; harassment, retaliation, is escalating after any complaint.


Reported to CMS/Medicare-no response
92 Neomy DialysisBrooklyn, NY Terminated due to conduct. Family believes it was a set up and unable to locate another center. No one will take her. Feels like she was blackballed. Another patient was involved and nothing was done is my understanding. Terminated
93 No clinic named Terminated since July and has been turned down by every local clinic Terminated blackballed from other clinics has to go to E.R.
94 DaVitaHarlan, CO The patients has a trained Seizure dog. The dog was not allowed to be with her during dialysis even though she provided the staff with the name of the trainer. There is no certificate in Colorado. After contacting ADA and getting certified letter stating dog is trained for seizures dog is allowed with her during dialysis
95 St. Peter’s HospitalAlbany, NY He states he has been terminated and blackballed for “Behavioral issues” but no one will give him information or records of the evidence or information on what they terminated him for.Turned down by 8 emergency rooms.  No clinic will take him; but they will not tell him what the reason is other than a statement of behavioral. He has not been allowed to see the reason.
96 DaVitaSan Antonio, TX Claims DaVita said the PD was a privilege which can be taken away if he doesn’t cooperate or stop complaining. He wanted to transfer to another company, but the new clinic decided not to take him citing no chairs. Forcing him back to DaVita. He is constantly harassed and retaliated against and stuck. Harassed, Intimidated and told he is not going anywhere. He feels stuck and to keep his mouth shut and does not complain.


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  1. December 13, 2014, by Bill

    Infections at dialysis clinics are one of the hidden problems with many clinics. The clinics do not keep proper records of the number of infections. One way to reduce the number of reported infections is to tell the patient to see their own General Practitioner Doctor; this way the source of the infection (the clinic) is not reported by the clinic.
    Patients need to make sure their care givers at the clinic follow safe practices when it comes to handling patient machines, tubing and always wear new gloves for each patient. If your tech does not have gloves on or you know they are the same gloves used on another patient ask for new gloves.

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